Fireworks suitable for a younger family and those with a smaller budget

Sparkler Assortment with Roman Candles

Who doesn’t love Sparklers?

Keep the kids happy and make sure you take a pack of Sparklers home.

Each pack contains an assortment of Sparklers and Roman Candles.

Note, sparklers must be sold in these packs and can’t be sold individually.

$25 per pack.

Out Of This World Assortment

A smaller, more gentle pack which should impress the little ones.

Grab some Sparklers too and start creating happy Guy Fawkes memories for the kids.

$30 per pack.

Break Out Assortment

When the kids are ready for something a bit more serious you need a Break Out Assortment!

Each pack contains a selection of:
Various Fountains
Strobe flashes
Ground spinners
Crackling strip
Novelty items

Individual contents may vary.

$70 per pack.

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