Fireworks suitable for a younger family and those with a smaller budget

All Big Sparklers Pack (18″)

Who doesn’t love Sparklers?

Keep the kids happy and make sure you take a pack of giant Sparklers home.

Each pack contains an assortment of Sparklers and Roman Candles.

Note, sparklers must be sold in these packs and can’t be sold individually.

Out Of This World Assortment

A smaller, more gentle pack which should impress the little ones.

Grab some Sparklers too and start creating happy Guy Fawkes memories for the kids.

Break Out Assortment

When the kids are ready for something a bit more serious you need a Break Out Assortment!

Each pack contains a selection of:
Various Fountains
Strobe flashes
Ground spinners
Crackling strip
Novelty items

Individual contents may vary.

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