Add these on to your assortments for that something extra

Giant White Spider Candles

If you know your fireworks then you know all about Pyro Company’s infamous Giant White Spider Roman Candle.

For those that are not in the know, prepare to be wowed as each candle throws 6 huge, white, loud starbursts.

Each pack contains 4 Giant White Spider Roman Candles.

$35 per pack

Giant Mighty Cannon Candles

Looking for a bit of spice in life?

Giant Mighty Cannons are a 6 shot multi colour effect Roman Candle with massive starbursts.

Loud, proud and impressive to your crowd!

Each pack contains 4 x Giant Mighty Cannon Roman Candles.

$35 per pack

Giant Insider Candles

Another Pyro Company Original, Giant Insider Candles will stun your group.

6 shot Roman Candles with gigantic green and white starbursts, these will definitely keep the Greenies in your neighbourhood happy!

Each pack contains 4 x 6 shot Giant Insider Roman Candles.

$35 per pack

Super Candles

Who does fireworks without Roman Candles? NOONE!

Pyro Company Super Candles  – Bigger, better, louder!

Super Candle packs come with 4 x 7 shot candles in red, blue, green and purple.

$35 per pack

Conic Fountain Assortment

When you’re serious about Fountains you need Conic Fountains

Light em up and listen for the oo’s and aah’s as these large crackling fountains erupt with colour and sparks.

Each pack contains 3 Fountains in Blue, Red and Green.

$20 per pack

Ground Bloom Flower

For when you need more Spinners in your life…

Light Ground Bloom Flowers on the ground and watch them spin like nothing you’ve seen before.

And then feel great because you’re clearly not as much of a Spinner as they are.

Each item contains a brick of 72 x Ground Bloom Flowers.

$20 per brick


Old School Crackers, always a favourite.

Treat your kids with a “back in my day” moment with this  tribute to the the old Double Happy’s that some of us remember so well!

Each packet contains 12 Flashbacks.

$25 per pack

Lady Bugs

The cutest firework you’ve ever seen! If you turn up with Lady Bugs, you’ll be cute too!

Lady Bugs crawl, spin and whirl to impress kids of all ages.

$15 per pack